Prints vs Digitals



WHAT ARE YOU REALLY PAYING FOR? I apologise for the long post but please read it. This is a timely reminder on what I really do for my clients! Its not just the click of a button. I run a business that helps to provide a roof over my kids heads. I love what I do 1000% but I will say I won’t do this for nothing. I pour my heart and soul into my work and I give a lot back to the community in the way of gifted sessions like I did for Lejla recently who is sadly

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Brisbane Birth Photographer

What are you paying for? Brisbane Newborn Photography

As a Birth and Newborn Photographer I more often than not I get inquiries through, and the responses are either nothing at all or “you’re too expensive,” “you’re out of my budget,” “I can get them cheaper elsewhere,” “How many images are included in the session fee?”, “Why are the digitals so expensive,” “We don’t want any prints,” “Can we get all the unedited images?”. The digitals should be the cheapest as all you do is click a button. lol I have to say; I had done the same in the past to other professionals in different industries.. rung around

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The Ultimate Baby Checklist

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