Hi there, let me introduce myself. My name is Angie and my passion in life is Photography. I also really love to travel the world to see the sights especially through my lens. I am a Multi Award Winning Professional Photographer, which was a goal I set for myself from the start and achieved so very proud. I love to socialise with my friends and family on my days off. I love Cocktails.

I am a single mum to 2 beautiful daughters Caitlyn 18 and Isabella 15. My family means the world to me!

Angie Petersen
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I have experienced a Natural Birth twice, even though the first one was very traumatic and never thought I would return, but I did. I wish I had the opportunity to have a birth Photographer there to capture my births and the emotions that go along with it. Something I can never get back now.  I understand firsthand the emotions that go along with the labour through to the birth euphoria when your bundle is placed into your arms. This has shown me how important life is and having the most important moments captured as they happen. I was blessed to be there at my  youngest brothers birth at the age of 14. I feel this may have been the start of my love for the miracle of birth and all that goes with it.

I have always been obsessed with having a camera on me everywhere we went, right from a young child so I could take photos of everything. Then I had children and that obsession became a reality to me. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to learn so much so fast so I could take the best photos of my children.

That was a turning point for me, I wanted to take it further than just a hobby but the timing was wrong so I persisted with my learning, practicing for another 6 1/2years at least before taking the plunge to take it on as a full-time business. Best decision I ever made! I focused on Portraiture, Maternity, Newborns and Family to begin with.

The end of 2012 I set myself a goal that I wanted to extend my offerings to do the birth sessions also so I could follow through the entire journey with my clients. From that moment on I decided to specialise in Maternity, Birth and Newborn and I must say that I LOVE IT! I am extremely passionate about being able to tell the story through labour, birth and afterwards through photos, some video footage, along with creating a beautiful album to tell that story for my clients so they will treasure it forever. Being able to sit down in years to come and show your children how loved they were from the minute they took their first breath with a gorgeous album will be PRICELESS MEMORIES to last forever.

I also felt I wanted to give back to the community by utilising my skills by capturing treasured memories for families that have suffered stillbirth, pregnancy loss or have critically ill children. I decided to volunteer as a Heartfelt Photographer. I love what I do for these families so much. Life got a little hectic so I had to give up my volunteer role for now.

After doing numerous sessions for my clients and Heartfelt clients I have a wealth of experience in these difficult situations such as in a birthing environment. I know how to respect the privacy for my clients and act professional at all times.

I have had the honour to be awarded numerous times for my Birth & Newborn Photography at a State, National and International Level.

I am also a proud member of Birth Photographers Australia and International Birth Photographers.

I look forward to chatting with you about your journey soon

Angie x

Memories you will have FOREVER!! Not just a faded memory.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it’s a faded memory”

“Capture these moments so you can freeze that moment forever!”

Don’t let these moments pass you by . . .

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Hi, I’m Bec you won’t often find me behind the camera, however you may see me floating around the studios helping behind the scenes. 

I am Desire to Inspire  marketing and social media content creator, I will often be the one you are speaking to behind the computer screens over emails, newsletters and alike. 

I am a busy mum of 3 (2 my own, and 1 step) juggling working, full time uni and uni prac with the constant support from my partner, Cam. 

I have degrees in both Business Management and Photography so marketing for Stories really is my forte. 

When I am not found behind the computer screen you will find me outdoors exploring anywhere and everywhere that I haven’t been before. (and if you cant get in contact with Angie or myself, it is generally because we are off exploring together, sorry haha) 


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