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Why does Birth Photography cost so much? – Brisbane Birth Photography

The thought of labour is an intense experience  for any expecting mummy, and we know all too well that as the mum, you have no collective memory of what actually happened throughout your labour as all your energy is focused on delivery and on your new baby. This is where Birth Photographers come into it. We are there to capture your journey so that you as the mum, can look back and recollect the events that you have probably forgot parts of. Not only that but having a birth photographer there, we capture EVERY aspect of your new life entering

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5 things to consider when choosing a birth photographer!

Having a baby is such a personal thing. And the idea of sharing that moment with a relative stranger can be quite overwhelming. But you want to capture this magical moment to treasure forever! Right!? That’s why choosing the right birth photographer is so important. Finding someone who can be a part of your special moment, and almost feel like they’re part of the family. THE most important part about finding your birth photographer, is finding someone that you mesh with… that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Because the birthing process can be quite full on, having the

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Brisbane Birth Photographer – Twin C-Section Birth Story

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Twin C-Section Birth Story On the 1st February 2016 Brisbane Birth Photographer Angie Petersen was invited to capture the birth of Emily Parker and Paige Ava at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. They were born via C-Section birth safely at 33weeks +6days gestation. The birth went well and babies were great. Paige was in ICU for just a short time with the C-pap machine to just even out her breathing but was moved into special care with her sister Emily later that afternoon which was awesome. Due to the circumstances we werent able to get

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Brisbane Newborn Photography – Zara the Miracle baby girl!

On the 29th December I was blessed to do a newborn session for the gorgeous little Zara. Zara was born at a very early 28 weeks gestation and powered on while remaining in hospital until the week before xmas. She is a little fighter after being born at a tiny size of 1034grams. She was such a little doll to work with. She was so easy to pose and slept the whole session practically. She was a dream 🙂 Here is some gorgeous images images from her session. .    

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Can Birth Photography really be beautiful?

Birth Photography is beautiful, It is not Gory, Gross or distasteful as some might believe. But what is beautiful about birth photography? What emotions do you capture? You have to see it to understand it.

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