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Why You Need a Mommy and Me Photo Session

How many mums out there can say they have as many photos of their kids and yourself, as you do of just your kids, or their dad and them? I can guarantee hardly any of you do! And do you know how important that is????? Your children will one day only have their photos to show their families, and their children’s families, and it would such a shame if there were no photos of you as their mummy, in them! We are all about being present in photos! This is so important for so many people, yourself included! We know

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Brisbane Birth Photography

Emyinnya Newborn Session

Little Emyinnya, we know we have posted Master Emyinnya’s cake smash session already so we are taking a little trip down memory lane to his newborn session, and how adorable is it??? Emyinnya graced our Heathwood studio with his parents and big sister and we were so lucky to be able to capture this gorgeous family like we did All of our new-born sessions are designed by your colour and theme preferences and we love designing them for you. Our Heathwood studio is the perfect environment for you to relax and enjoy your session. Its warmth and easy accessibility is

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Brisbane Birth Photography

Key moments in childhood when you might want to consider hiring a photographer

Have you been considering what sessions you should get done throughout your little ones lives to ensure you capture those important milestones? We have constructed a little list for you just to help you out! Starting with, NEWBORN, of course! The very beginning of your babies life, with those tender little features, beautiful little new-born poses, the tiny form of a brand new life. From new-born we know that the biggest milestone to occur after this is when your baby can sit, crawl, stand and walk. This can all occur in a matter of a week for those on the

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Baby Milestones

Lucaa in studio Milestone. Brisbane Milestone Photographer

Oh Little Lucca, you sweet sweet boy. Master Lucaa was in studio recently for a stunning milestone shoot and we love the cheeky photos we captured of him. Did you know that we offer milestone sessions in our Heathwood studio and they don’t have to just be Cakesmash sessions! We absolutely love capturing your children’s milestones. We find it so important to capture those special moments because in all honesty they are gone before you know it, in a blink of an eye. Make sure you capture your babies milestones, capture them every year, make a conscious effort to make

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Why does Birth Photography cost so much? – Brisbane Birth Photography

The thought of labour is an intense experience  for any expecting mummy, and we know all too well that as the mum, you have no collective memory of what actually happened throughout your labour as all your energy is focused on delivery and on your new baby. This is where Birth Photographers come into it. We are there to capture your journey so that you as the mum, can look back and recollect the events that you have probably forgot parts of. Not only that but having a birth photographer there, we capture EVERY aspect of your new life entering

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The Ultimate Baby Checklist

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