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5 things to consider when choosing a birth photographer!

Having a baby is such a personal thing. And the idea of sharing that moment with a relative stranger can be quite overwhelming. But you want to capture this magical moment to treasure forever! Right!? That’s why choosing the right birth photographer is so important. Finding someone who can be a part of your special moment, and almost feel like they’re part of the family. THE most important part about finding your birth photographer, is finding someone that you mesh with… that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Because the birthing process can be quite full on, having the

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5 things to know when choosing a Newborn Photographer – Brisbane Newborn Photography

5 things to know when choosing a Newborn Photographer – Brisbane Newborn Photography   When it comes to photography we know that there is a lot more behind an image than what we see with a finished project. This is more obviously known within the fashion industry with the hot topic of model photoshopping however you can also be sure there is a lot behind that cute pic you've just Pinterested. Rather than the desire to slim a waistline or remove a pimple, the action behind all those poses you're imagining your little angel in is all about safety. That

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Brisbane Birth Photography – Jeremy’s Birth Story

Brisbane's Birth Photographer Angie Petersen recently captured the birth for a very special couple that welcomed their 3rd child to the family. Vanessa and Ben booked me to capture the journey this time round for the birth of their 3rd child after giving birth to twins at 29 weeks 2.5years ago. After going through such a traumatic experience last time with a long NICU stay it was so important to them both to capture this story that they were hoping to be a lot different to the last birth. I will fill you in on a bit of the story

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The Ultimate Baby Checklist

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