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To the working mums – Desire to Inspire Photography

Mum guilt, its a real thing, and we get it!

Both of us, Angie and Bec, we ourselves are mums. We both live very busy lives with work, uni and businesses. It’s a never ending cycle of things on the ‘to do list’ and it seems we sometimes lose sight of who we are as our own person, and as a mum!

Although you may cop criticism for ‘working to hard’ ‘putting work before children’ ‘neglecting time with your children’ and so on and so on. My opinion is this…

You are doing your absolute best! You are working to provide for your children. You are teaching your children that you must work to achieve things and get the things you desire. Things don’t just get handed to you for sitting on your bottom, you must work hard and sometimes that involves sacrificing your weekends or nights to push your business forward so in the long run, you have the chance to work less. 

My other point here, is everyone needs to stop judging the mum in their view… Honestly, be it that you have children or not, noone is perfect!

Some mums may opt to breastfeed, some formula feed – as long as your child is fed, that’s all that matters!

Some mums may be stay at home mums, some may work and utilise daycare – As long as your child is cared for by someone, that’s all that matters!

Some mums may spend every waking moment with their children, some may juggle a million things day to day to get by – Your children require their mum to ne happy.. Thats all! 

We, as working mums don’t need to hear that we are being bad mums, being neglectful, that we took ‘the easy way out by working’ (Trust me! The guilt that comes with working, and juggling mum life as well as household life, a social life and general life – its alot more than you expect) We are doing our best! And that, That is all we need to do!

Noone is the perfect mum, but for the busy working mums out there – we hear you, and we get the mum guilt. Remember you are doing all you can to provide and teach your children to work hard for things in life. This itself is a valuable lesson that all children require so you’re doing amazing!


Lets not judge the mums who differ to you, lets not guilt the working busy mum, lets celebrate all mums and back one another! Being a mum is hard!

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