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The REAL Santa Experience

WOW! That is all we can say about the amazing response we have received this year with our first ‘Authentic Santa experience’

What started with a One day event, has turned into a solid 8 day event with an extensive waitlist and daily inquiries still occurring! We are completely overwhelmed with such an amazing response.

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Our Santa experience is as authentic as you can get. It isn’t anything comparable to shopping centre Santa Photos, it isn’t about a quick posed photo and away you go. It is about your children learning and being apart of the Christmas magic. Its about Santa telling your children about Christmas, his reindeers, elves, traditions and all the fun that comes with Christmas. Its about your children being swept away in a world of Christmas Spirit being the true believers that they are!

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Did you know Santas Elves have a dance to remember his reindeers names? 

Did you know he has a special electronic naughty and nice metre activated by your fingerprint?

Did you know Santa has an international Sleigh Licence?

These are just some of the special Christmas magic that Santa will share with your children.

This experience really isn’t about getting that perfectly posed Santa photo, Please trust that we know you will love the candid shots of your children in their Christmas bliss. 

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We know that this year we are fully booked BUT did you know we will be back, bigger and better next year?!?! And to be sure you don’t miss out, we have created a special VIP Christmas group on Facebook which will be the first to know when we will be releasing 2021 Santa sessions so THIS is the place to be if you don’t want to miss out!!!

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