Santa Photo Stats

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Have you been curious bout the Santa session Stats?


We were, so we’ve gone through our system and broke it all down for you so we can all be amaze at the statistics of 2020 Santa Photos!


Ok so lets break it down to you!

Trust us, we were just as astounded as you were!

All up we photographed 319 boys and 296 little girls engaging in their Christmas magic

A total of 317 Santa Experience sessions with a total of 58.5 Hours Photographing time – not counting the endless behind the scene work creating these sessions and the editing and order creating time!

INSANE RIGHT! Considering we initially started with ONE day, never did we think we would end up opening up EIGHT days!


We also thought we would break it down in age brackets for you

Ages 1 and below – 150 Children 

Ages 2 – 53 Children 

Ages 3 – 58 Children 

Ages 4 – 56 Children 

Ages 5 – 54 Children 

Ages 6 – 40 Children 

Ages 7 -39 Children 

Ages 8 – 36 Children 

Ages 9 – 17 Children 

Ages 10 – 15 Children 

10 and older – 39 Pre teens

How incredible is that?!

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We are so incredibly thankful for all of our amazing supporters who helped make our 2020 such an incredible ride, and we cannot wait to see what 2021 brings us!

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