Santa Blooper Reel

Loan Dinh 6705

We all have that classic traditional photo of your young one screaming with Santa. Its almost a way of life now lets face it, there aren’t many parents out there who have the smiling children with Santa each and every year of their lives!


And you know, most parents LOVE the screaming shot! Its simply priceless and who doesn’t love reflecting upon the photos and showing their child when they are old enough to understand, to have a laugh?!

Laura Wilson 6084 1

We thought we would humour you all a little bit and showcase our blooper reel of images, we ABSOLUTLEY love them!

Amy Manson 7101
Christine Osullivan 8050
Jennifer Stevenson 6051 1
Angela Drew 8928
Brooke Phillips 0387
Sarah Stockill 0338
Loan Dinh 6711
Alysha Maynard 8132
Katherine Lynch 6593
Victoria Arnott 5016
Maggie Watson 9703

Aren’t they just classic!!

Jessica Watkinson 7475 1

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