Maternity and Newborns – Before and After

One thing I love about photography is being able to freeze moments in time! That especially works well for Maternity and Newborns. Being able to capture that moment when you have your little human inside you and then the moment you have your human in your arms on the outside. This is where I love to get creative to come up with a concept for my clients that have booked me for both sessions so we can show this transition artistically and timeless!  

One of my absolute favourite ones to do is the Maternity Timeline which usually starts around the 12 weeks up to 38-40 weeks then having the last shot with baby in your arms to complete it. How stunning is it? I totally wish I had something like this to look back on my own pregnancies.

This before and after shot is my most requested shot a lot of clients book me for 100%! They all love this concept of the “reflection shot”. I have done many looks for this shot that makes for a unique shot for each client? 

The next way is to do a similar pose with your partner during maternity then with your newborn in between you both.

This one isnt exactly the same before and after but you get the idea anyway.

This one is a variation of the above reflection shot but standing up instead. 

There is lots of ways to capture this journey and we can come up with a unique and different way to suit what you would love also! Im all about being creative and doing different things so contact me for more info today!

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