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#Elfie time!!

Our Santa experience fun begins before you even enter the studio with our amazing, fun #Elfie stand which families have been LOVING!!!

And on top of that, our amazing gifts from Santa have been an absolute hit, not to mention look incredible on our clients Christmas trees!


Take a look below at some of the amazing #elfies and the incredible feedback we have received from our lovely clients!

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“My girls loved the Santa experience and were so very excited to meet the real Santa (They figured out the shop ones are fake). Having Mrs claus there aswell made it all the more magical! I really enjoyed seeing Santa singing and interacting with them, it made it alot more personal and the kids felt so special. Thank you Angie for putting on such an amazing experience for the kids and for the beautiful photographs captured. Can’t wait for next year’s sessions!”
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Today was absolutely magical! Somehow, you find a way to capture every important moment for my family on camera and I couldn’t be more grateful. I envy your skills and would like to thank you for doing such a great job for my family, not only the Santa and Mrs Claus experience today but for nearly a year of you being so incredibly selfless, patient and continuously going beyond and above for not only my own family but for so many others providing us all with such incredible experiences and high quality work. You never deliver us with your work anything less then perfect. You capture photos that will live for a life time that tells a story in each photo. After observing all of the pictures that you deliver to my family, each one takes me back to that moment, I will forever thank you for that.
I’m sooo excited to see the photos from today!!
Your the best!
Merry Christmas xx
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We had such a lovely time today. Santa was literally the best right down to the Ho Ho Ho. My daughter was starstruck and the little gifts were so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the photos. What an experience 🥰

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Thank you for a lovely experience today ✨
Last year we spent over two hours standing in line with a young baby waiting for our Santa photos. It was exhausting and I was dreading doing that all over again this year. 😩
Thankfully today was such a breeze and I loved not having to wait forever in the shopping centre.
So grateful a spot opened up and we got a chance to be apart of it all.
Thankfully no tears from my little one today. Santa and Mrs Clause were amazing with my son.
I forgot to take pictures out front but heres our lovely gift on the tree, high up and out of reach.
Thank you again. Xx
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Ashleigh Westhead
Nothing short of amazing today, little miss has only JUST gone to bed! 11.10pm! 😬😂
Tahlia- I googled what eyes Santa has, Google said blue and mum you will never believe it.. Santa today had blue. It HAS to be him!
Even to the extent of giving Tahlia one of his business cards which was the same off the Santa clause movie! We had to rush right home to watch it so she could verify!
What an amazing way to end the year, our little boy was too interested but our daughter was absolutely in her element.
Thankyou for an amazing experience!
No doubt I will most definitely have to upgrade to more photos 😂
Thankyou so so much again!
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What do you think of our #elfie? 

Did you get an #elfie while you were here? 

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