Brisbane Newborn Photography – Zara the Miracle baby girl!

On the 29th December I was blessed to do a newborn session for the gorgeous little Zara. Zara was born at a very early 28 weeks gestation and powered on while remaining in hospital until the week before xmas. She is a little fighter after being born at a tiny size of 1034grams. She was such a little doll to work with. She was so easy to pose and slept the whole session practically. She was a dream 🙂 Here is some gorgeous images images from her session.

. IMG_9481_WEB.jpg IMG_9504_WEB.jpg IMG_9510_WEB.jpg IMG_9516_WEB.jpg IMG_9517_WEB.jpg IMG_9530_WEB.jpg IMG_9545_WEB.jpg IMG_9565_WEB.jpg IMG_9572_WEB.jpg IMG_9591_WEB.jpg IMG_9596_WEB.jpg IMG_9633_WEB.jpg IMG_9636_WEB.jpg IMG_9644_WEB.jpg IMG_9657_WEB.jpg IMG_9783_WEB.jpg IMG_9774_WEB.jpg IMG_9759_1_WEB.jpg IMG_9773_1_WEB.jpg    IMG_9670_WEB.jpg IMG_9814_WEB.jpg IMG_9809_WEB.jpg IMG_9798_WEB.jpg

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