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Brisbane Newborn Photography – Maeve

Brisbane Newborn Photography – Maeve

Brisbane Newborn Photographer Angie Petersen.

Back in March while I was holidaying my Bali with my family I received a call from Maeve's mum stressing out that her photographer she had booked backed out on her and seeing if I could fit her in as Maeve was already 5-6 days old. I said absolutely I will be flying home the next day and I could fit her in the next day when Im home. Jess was over the moon that I could get her in so fast. Fast forward to the thursday when this beautiful family turned up at my studio for Maeves session and boy she was such a beautiful baby girl and posed like a dream. You will see from her images below how amazing she was at posing. I was thrilled to order lots of beautiful massive canvases to display in their home proudly to look at every day. There is nothing better than displaying your images that are works of art, massive on the wall for everyone to see rather than sitting on your computer. Thank you for seeing value in printed artwork to display forever. I am looking forward to seeing Maeve very soon for her 6month session ad 12month session also. Thank you to you both for trusting me with your baby girl and capturing these wonderful memories for your family.

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