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Brisbane Birth Photography – What is Birth Photography?

What is Birth Photography?

I often get asked what birth photography is and what is captured. Well what better way to explain it than a video and images that tell 1000 words hey?

I am extremely passionate about my job and respecting my clients birth space and requests. I find that the birth space is a very intimate moment that needs to be respected at all times. It is a once in a lifetime moment that can never been redone later so you need to know how to use your equipment well in low light situations and also have the equipment that is designed for those occasions too. Working with medical staff and in very tight spaces sometimes you need to be able to go with the flow and be ready for any situation that arises. As a professional I am fully insured for $20million in public liability which is what I need to have for working in hospitals. 

Please don't allow someone that hasnt done alot of research and practice in such hard situations to capture this once in a lifetime event as you can not have it redone again.

Click on the video to watch it and leave your comments below. Like it and comment on youtube too if you love it!

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