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Brisbane Birth Photography – Olivia’s Birth Story

On the 18th October was an early wake up call at 3am to say Gemma was in labour and on her way to Beaudesert hospital to which she got sent home as she was only 3cm at that stage. Fast forward quickly and then get another call at 7.20am and she was back at the hospital and now 6cm and to get to the hospital asap. I flew outta bed threw on my clothes and grabbed my camera bag and off I went! The adrenaline was kicking in now as I was so excited to be finally capturing this birth I had been following the whole way through with Maternity sessions. Yay!! Daytime birth! Something that we as Birth Photographers rarely get as babies seem to think that in the mddle of the night is a great time to come. My camera bag was with me everywhere I went for the couple of weeks prior just incase any of my mums to be were to go early. Always prepared is the key.

I had the honour to capture the whole journey from bump to baby with Gemma. The staff at Beaudesert Hospital which were incredble to work with too which was awesome to be part of. I would have to say they have been one of the best hospitals that I have ever worked with to date. Well done ladies.

 I absolutely adore being able to tell the whole story through to the end otherwise I feel like I have missed part of the story. This story is such a beautiful story to have been blessed to be apart of that is for sure. Gemma was due on the 25th October 2014 but little miss decided she was arriving on the 18th October instead at 8.30am. Little Miss Olivia certainly kept her mum on her toes the whole pregnancy with trying to come early 5 times before the actual due date. So what did that mean? Well when it was time she wasnt waiting for no one! It was super quick and when I got the call at 6cm active labour I flew to the hospital and was there within 20mins and she was born within 30mins of me arriving.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-134Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-132Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-129I remember walking in the door and Gemma was labouring in the bath and hear the words "Hurry up Ange" come out of Gemma's mouth. I was like holy crap shes giving birth. But really she wanted photos done while she was in the bath before being made to get out to give birth lol. Gemma and Ray were so calm throughout the labour and afterwards it was so beautiful to witness it all first hand. I have put together a video from the labour, birth and afterwards and you will see just how beautiful it really was.Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (1)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-002Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-003

To have the support of Ray there with Gemma was such a amazing bond to see develop over the time. Ray was there for Gemma the whole time holding her hand through each and every contraction without having to focus on taking any photos cause I was there for that. He was really in the moment with Gemma which was so amazing for them both.Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-005Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (20)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (22)

Im not so sure how Ray's fingers didnt fall off with the nice tight hand squeezes he was getting through each contraction but he didnt put up a fight and just went with the flow.
Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (43)

Ok beware of the images of between two worlds that are next so if you dont wish to see scroll down a bit faster lol.

For your baby to be between two worlds is seriously the most amazing thing ever to witness first hand. The moment just before they take their first breath, first feed and cuddle and before their eyes are even open. Truly a miracle of birth.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (81)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-055

The moment that Olivia was born was truly a miracle and for mum to then turn around from being on her knees during birth to see her beautiful bundle for the first time was amazing! Olivias arms up reaching for mum and the biggest smile ever on mums face! Priceless! Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-276

What an amazing shot hey!

Olivia's Birth AnnouncementIt was love at first sight!

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (91)Oh that first breastfeed was such an exciting moment this time round for mum as Charlotte was very prem so wasnt breastfed straight away so this was a big moment to catch on camera. Look at the smile on mums face! Priceless!

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (95)It was then time for Dad to cut the cord after delaying the clamping of the cord to let it keep pulsing so bub gets all the blood supply.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-087What a moment between them all. Such a happy family besotted with their new beautiful daughter. 

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-090Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-091Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-092Birth is really a miracle! To see the Placenta that feeds your baby and connect it to you is one amazing organ. They call it the tree of life and this image will show you exactly the reason why.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (125)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-096Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (123)Then its time to weight and measure little miss to see how tiny she was.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (154)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (157)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (158)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (160)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (161)

To become a first time dad is certainly something I can say Ray is super excited about and truly treasures his new little princess Olivia. Here is Ray's first hold of his princess and wow he was besotted from that moment he laid his eyes on her. Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (166) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (165) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (164)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-178What a PROUD DADDY!!


Mum Gemma was wheeled off to her postnatal room and I stay behind and took photos of Dad (Ray) pushing the crib down the hallway without taking his eyes off his lilttle princess. Such a treasured moment that mum would never of seen without me being there. Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-180 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-179Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-183Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-181I captured lots of emotions in the room once Ray arrived with bub to the postnatal room while we waited for Olivia's big sister arrived with Grandma. Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (175) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (174) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (176) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (177) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (178)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-185 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-188 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-199


It was time to get dressed for the first time on the outside world.

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (184) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (181) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (180)


Boy oh boy the look on Charlottes face was PRICELESS!!! The smile was from ear to ear peeking around the corner to lay her eyes on her brand new little sister. She was so excited to wrap her arms around her new real life baby doll. It was love at first sight! 

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-220 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-222 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-221Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (187) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (188) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (189) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (190) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (191) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (192) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (193) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (194) Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (195)

I stayed to do a few family photos with Grandma and Aunty Kirsten and the first real family photo as a family of 4. That moment will never be done again. The moments that were capture throughout this journey will be treasured forever by the whole family and a heirloom to pass down to Olivia when she is older enough to understand.Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-242 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (208)


Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-248 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-251 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-255 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-258Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (225)Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-263 Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert-275

Brisbane-Birth-Photography-Beaudesert- (235)Thank you to both Ray and Gemma for allowing me to share your wonderful journey into becoming a family of 4. You both did an incredible job and you both make amazing parents to your girls. Good Luck and I look forward to capture the first year of Olivia's life! 🙂

Please take the time to watch this video of the journey earthside.


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