Brisbane Birth Photography – Jeremy’s Birth Story

Brisbane's Birth Photographer Angie Petersen recently captured the birth for a very special couple that welcomed their 3rd child to the family. Vanessa and Ben booked me to capture the journey this time round for the birth of their 3rd child after giving birth to twins at 29 weeks 2.5years ago. After going through such a traumatic experience last time with a long NICU stay it was so important to them both to capture this story that they were hoping to be a lot different to the last birth. I will fill you in on a bit of the story as it unfolded on the early hours on Monday morning the 5th February 2018 at

Vanessa called me at 3.10am telling me that she thought she was in labour and to be prepared and ready to go when she gives me the go ahead. I told her to time her contractions for an hour as it had only been happening for around 30mins. next thing at 330am she lets me know that shes heading to the hospital as they are getting closer together and the pain is getting unbearable. That was my key to head in also as I didnt want to get stuck in peak hour traffic which wasnt too far away. I arrived at 413am and things were pretty intense and the gas wasnt working enough for the pain so an epidural was administered as soon as possible. The anaesthetist decided to put in a spinal block first so it was quicker to work before the Epidural kicked in, which worked a treat. Vanessa was 6cm so in active labour when she arrived at the Mater Mother's which was perfect timing. You will see in the photos that Vanessa is in a lot of pain then all smiles, thats when the epidural kicked in lol. 

It was a bit of time then to relax a bit and let bub come down a bit then it would be time to start pushing. Only a short time later it was time to start pushing an bring little Jeremy earthside. Birthing your baby at term 37+1day compared to twins at 29 weeks was so very different for Vanessa. She powered on and welcomed little Jeremy into her open arms at 752am! Nothing short of incredible to be there to witness the whole event and to capture it all on video as well as images! Priceless! To be able to hold your baby in your arms straight after birth was such a dream to happen at last for both Vanessa and Ben as with the twins they were whisked away and couldnt hold them Zavier for about 10days and Anabelle day 3 for skin to skin. So as you can imagine this birth was so very special to them both in the way it panned out after a horrible pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum the whole time so vomitting everyday all day long for the most part. Im so proud to have been part of this journey to motherhood again and to seen the dream birth come to fruition also. I would like to congratulate you both Vanessa and Ben on the birth of your absolutely adorable son Jeremy and a big congrats to his big sister Anabelle and big brother Zavier who are so very proud of their new baby they have to play with.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be there for you both and to capture this priceless memories in return. I hope you love the all and look back on them for many years to come yet!

Please check out a snippet of images from Jeremy's beautiful birth story below.


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