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Brisbane Birth Photographer – Twins Birth Story

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Twins Birth Story

To capture a birth is something spectacular but to capture a twin birth is truly a miracle. 

Earlier on this year I put out a call for a Twin Natural birth that I wanted to be able to document for a family. I finally heard from Sam that had heard from Michelle (her doula) that heard from Michelle from Brisbane Hypnobirthing that I had been in contact with lol. Wow! What a mouthful that was. I was telling Michelle that I was looking for a twin natural birth to document so she put a call out to some of her contacts also so thats how I met Sam & Stuart 🙂

So this was all only a mere 5 days before the birth was due to happen. Talk about an adrenaline rush! If Sam didnt go into labour before the 22nd July she would be getting induced that day. No labour happened so it was time to be induced. I drove down to Tweed Heads hospital to capture the birth. To be there to capture the birth of Twins being born naturally was just a miracle. Sam was so amazing during her labour breathing nicely and it was all moving pretty quickly considering it was induced labour. I arrived around midday and she was about 7cm already which was fabulous. It all went pretty quickly from that point so fast forward to around 1.10pm when the call was put out to all the other staff that needed to be in the room to head on in. There was 13 staff in the room when the first twin was born. It was a surprise to what they were going to be. Well IT'S A GIRL! Yay! A pink one arrived first! Weighing in at 3250grams, 49cm long. Little megan has swallowed miconium inside so she needed to be cleaned out. 

Now its time to deliver the 2nd twin! At 1.43pm the 2nd twin was born and what was it? Surprise IT'S A BOY!!! Weighing in at a whopping 3580grams and 49cm long. 7kgs of baby in Sam's belly! Wow! Yay! The pigeon pair for Sam and Stuart and a little brother and sister for big sister Alice. How exciting! So they were named "MEGAN JANE" and "GEORGE ROBBINS" and they are just absolutely adorable.

At 12 days old I got to do their Newborn Photo session. They were changed so much in 12days. Its hard to believe how fast babies grow so thats even more of a reason to capture these photos very soon after their birth. They grow up before you know it. Megan was a littel unsettled during their session but we still got some very nice photos of her but just not as many as I wouldve liked of them both together. 

I got to see them all when they were 4 weeks old and have cuddles before they jetted off to Denmark to live for 12months. I couldnt believe how different they were then either. They changed so much and really settled into their little bodies. So so cute <3 I will miss them dearly and cant wait to do some photos with them once they come back for their 1st birthdays 🙂

I couldnt have asked for a nicer family to be involved in for the birth of their gorgeous twins. Thank you so much Sam & Stuart for giving me the opportunity to be there in such a intimate moment and welcoming your gorgeous babies into the world. I hope you really love the photos I captured for you from this experience of a lifetime for you and me 🙂

I wish you guys all the best for the next 12months in Denmark, stay safe and give the babies and Alice a big cuddle from us xx

Here is some photos from the Birth and the twins newborn session 🙂

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