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Brisbane Birth Photographer – Khovi’s Birth Story

Brisbane Birth Photographer – Khovi's Birth Story

"Sometimes you will never know the value a moment until its a faded memory"

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the birth of Khovi Andrew on the 14th June 2013. Wow this little man was in a really hurry to enter this world! I almost missed the birth! I would've been so disappointed if I did. I got the phonecall just after Crystal and Max got to the hospital and that was at 10.20pm and I was ready to go and I got there at 10.55pm just intime for the birth at 11.16pm. Phew just made it with 20mins to spare.

Crystal was an absolute legend with no drugs or pain relief as there was no time with Khovi on a mission to enter this world. If only my labours were that easy! Khovi Andrew was born in a hurry because I reckon he wanted to meet his older sister Nevaeh and of course his Mummy, Crystal and Daddy, Max. 🙂 I am completely honoured to have been part of the complete timeline of Crystal's Pregnancy capturing her maternity photos each 6 weeks then the miracle of birth followed by Khovi's Newborn session at 5 days old. He is such a cutie and we managed to capture some amazing photos of him that I will add below for you to view. 

I read this comment that crystal said that just made me realise so much more why I love what I do. I capture these extraordinary memories for my clients that are a once in a lifetime event that they will absolutely treasure forever. 

Crystal quotes "Its quite amazing, I'm glad I had Angie there for this reason! I missed all this with Nevaeh and have regreted it so bad! I love it!"

I have put together a short video of this whole experience for Crystal that has had so many views and comments that brought tears to their eyes just makes my heart melt. <3 Watch it here. I hope you love it too. 

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