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Indie's Birth Story

On the 17th April I was blessed to attend the birth of baby Indie Aurora. She didnt really want to be born that is for sure. She made her mummy wait till 43+6 1/2 days till she decided to make her grand entrance into the world. She certainly made her mummy work for her birth after a long awaited 49hr labour she made her super fast entrance to meet her loving parents.

I was there for 31hrs of the labour so it certainly was a big night/day for me also but there was no way I was going to miss the end of it. Getting to meet baby girl.

Mum was so amazing through out the whole labour and birth being so strong. Indie had other ideas as babies do. Unfortunately some births dont go to plan but for the safety of all involved we sometimes have to get some extra help. Mum was going for a home birth but time was ticking on and energy levels were dropping off so the decision was made to head to hospital for a bit of help. 

It is hard as a mum to have your plan changed when you are set on one way which can play on your mind after the birth. One thing that I really love about Birth Photography is that the whole process was captured on camera to be able to look back on the whole situation after the birth to help with the healing process. To be able to see how much work you did leading up to the birth is such precious memories to heal your memories that things didnt go to my plan. We seem to always only remember the bad things but never the good parts so birth photography can be so important to you before you even realise it. CAPTURED MEMORIES = PRICELESS

I have attached a series of images for you to follow Indie's birth story from the beginning to the end.

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Enjoy the images and video at the bottom 🙂



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