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Brisbane Birth Photographer- Harrison’s Birth Story

Harrison's Birth Story

The journey earthside for baby Harrison at Ipswich Hospital

On the 30th April I had the honour to capture the AMAZING birth of baby Harrison. The birth was nothing but incredible and the strength of mum Jess was just amazing to watch and capture it in time. 

Jess was having contractions all night from the 29th April so I was on the edge of my seat/bed all night long waiting for the call to head to the hospital. I woke up in a sweat thinking I had missed the birth as it was daytime and I hadnt got a call lol. I soon found out that mum was still labouring at home quietly and contractions kept dropping off so she kept going at home until it picked up some more. We all ended up arriving at the hospital around 3pm on the 30th April where the Midwife didnt think Jess was in full on labour seeing as she was so calm and collected. Examination was done and yay she was already 5cm 🙂 Wow! Everyone was shocked as mum was coping so well.

We then proceeded up to the birth suite to settle in to get ready to birth this bubby. The mood was set with some battery candles around the bath and nice and dark to labour in. Mum was so calm through out the whole labour up until about 15mins before she gave birth. What a super mum she was. 🙂 So proud of her courage to birth so calmy and natural.

At 7.49pm a Baby Boy was born into the water, weighing in at 10pound 7oz, 55cm long, 38.5cm head called Harrison Michael. He was so cute and chubby and gorgeous as can be 🙂 Mum and Dad were so excited to have a boy as it was unknown what bubby was going to be. Surprise ITS A BOY!!

Soon after the call was made to Jess's best friend Kelly to bring Saige up, Harrison's big sister to see her little brother for the first time. This was so special to see the look on her face when she saw him for the first time. She was so excited to hold him until he started crying. She then said "put him back mum" lol. So cute. She didnt like him crying so thats why she wanted him put back in mummys belly.

So after he was dressed, weighed, measured, first feed, daddy's hold, etc I left to head home on an adrenaline high from capturing his birth 🙂

Thank you so much for allowing me the honour to be in your birth space to capture these amazing memories guys. I hope you love all your images.

Here is some photos for you all to see. 



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