A guide for parents to get baby ready for a newborn session


You’ve booked in your newborn session but now you’re worried how your little one will cooperate throughout the session, what if they are unsettled, what can you do? Well we have prepared a little guide to help you relax and enjoy the experience.  


As we know newborns, like all children, are unpredictable, but do not stress over this, honestly, we are experienced in this field and we know how to work within all situations. 

So please do not add pressure onto yourself, You do not need to have the perfect sleeping baby, just be yourself, enjoy the experience and let us work our magic. 



So what can you do to prepare yourself and your little one for their newborn session?


Try to keep your little one awake as much as you can prior to the session, this will make them falling asleep throughout the session easier for us which will allow us to pose them into those gorgeous newborn poses. 

If they have a favourite comforter or snuggly, then feel free to bring it along for them

Try to give them a nice big feed just before your session so they are sleepy 

Bring their dummy, and/or extra bottles just to help settle them 

For you mummy, TREAT YOURSELF!! Honestly, get your hair and makeup done, we know how hard those first few days of having a newborn can be and we know how drained you will feel, so treat yourself and make yourself feel fresh and confident! 

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