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2014 Australian Birth Photography Awards – Angie Petersen

2014 Australian Professional Birth Photography Awards

Last week I attended the Australian Professional Photography Awards that were held at Luna Park, Sydney. This was such an exciting time for me as I have been working as part of a team to bring this brand new category to light for the National Awards. This was the first time it was going to be tested out and Im pleased to say it went extremely well for being a brand new category which alot of people are scared to enter when its so new. They arent sure on how well it was going to be received by the judges but all went amazingly luckily.

Entering the awards is not just about receiving awards for me, it is much much more than that. This is a chance for me to push myself more and more each time to capture something truly magnificient and unique each and every time I pick up my camera. Every awards I learn something new from the critique and feedback from the judges also to put into place for next time round. That alone is such a valuable asset to walk away with from these awards.

I am extremely happy to announce that I did receive an award once again for my Birth photography work by acheiving a Silver Distinction Award. I am also very excited to say that for the new category I also was the first person to be awarded the Silver Distinction for the Birth Category. There was no GOLD awarded to anyone this time so it is the highest level achieved in the category alone.

I had entered 4 images into this category to give it my all so I could support the new category as much as I could. I had a couple of images just miss out on being awarded which was a shame but they were still awarded very high professional standard which is excellent but just not award worthy. It is a hard concept to get when entering the awards as you dont know what images will go the best with the judges. You could have an amazing image but not enter it and enter a different one that you think would go well which then falls below so its really a catch 22 hoping for the best outcome.

Anyway enough of my rambling. I will share the images below for you all to see. I havent put my winning image on facebook due to upsetting someone or being banned on facebook so its here if you would like to see.

This image is the image that was awarded Silver Distinction and also was the first image to be awarded a Silver Distinction


2014-Birth Photography awards-Sydney (1)2014-Birth Photography awards-Sydney (2)2014-Birth Photography awards-Sydney (3)2014-Birth Photography awards-Sydney

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