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Brisbane Birth Photographer – Indie’s Birth Story

Ipswich Birth Photography Indie's Birth Story On the 17th April I was blessed to attend the birth of baby Indie Aurora. She didnt really want to be born that is for sure. She made her mummy wait till 43+6 1/2 days till she decided to make her grand entrance into the world. She certainly made her mummy work for her birth after a long awaited 49hr labour she made her super fast entrance to meet her loving parents. I was there for 31hrs of the labour so it certainly was a big night/day for me also but there was no

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Newborn photography Brisbane
Brisbane Birth Photographer

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Harrison’s Newborn Session

Harrison's Newborn Session Brisbane Award Winning photographer captures gorgeous Newborn baby boy! After having the honour to capture this little man's entry into the world, I got to do his newborn and family session too. He is such a cute baby boy but he didnt really like to sleep at all so made me work extremely hard to get what I did thats for sure. Cheeky little one Harrison. 🙂 I want to thank Jess and Wayne for choosing me as your photographer for these precious memories. Its so important to choose a professional when putting your newborn in their

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irth photography Brisbane

Brisbane Birth Photographer- Harrison’s Birth Story

Harrison's Birth Story The journey earthside for baby Harrison at Ipswich Hospital On the 30th April I had the honour to capture the AMAZING birth of baby Harrison. The birth was nothing but incredible and the strength of mum Jess was just amazing to watch and capture it in time.  Jess was having contractions all night from the 29th April so I was on the edge of my seat/bed all night long waiting for the call to head to the hospital. I woke up in a sweat thinking I had missed the birth as it was daytime and I hadnt

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Birth photography Brisbane
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Brisbane Birth Photography – What is Birth Photography?

What is Birth Photography? I often get asked what birth photography is and what is captured. Well what better way to explain it than a video and images that tell 1000 words hey? I am extremely passionate about my job and respecting my clients birth space and requests. I find that the birth space is a very intimate moment that needs to be respected at all times. It is a once in a lifetime moment that can never been redone later so you need to know how to use your equipment well in low light situations and also have the

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