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BE PRESENT IN PHOTOS! Brisbane Family Photographer

I can not say this enough, BE PRESENT IN PHOTOS!!!!

Genuinely think about this, What are your most treasured keepsakes that you value as it keeps your families legacy alive? What are the items that you show your children about your upbringing and your favourite memories? PHOTOS!!! And how will your children show their children their upbringing and their family if you aren’t in the photos???? How will you feel having your children grow up in a home filled with photos but there are no photos with mum or dad in them? What will happen if, heaven forbid, one day all you hold are photos and you’re not in them? Again, it is SO SO SO important, to be present in photos!!!

We know that so many parents have the same mind set, Dad’s ‘hate’ photos, and us Mums always tend to be the ones behind the photos of our children, not the ones in the photos with them, am I right?

This is why during our family sessions, including our newborn sessions we always encourage images with both parents, images with just dad and images with just mum! It is simply so important!

              Studio family Photos  Studio Family Photos                                Location Family Photos  Lifestyle Photography fresh 48

These images are something that you will literally thank yourself for! You will find that they become some of your most treasured images.

Don’t let fear or your self esteem deter you from letting yourself be apart of images with your family, these images are priceless, they are stunning in every single way possible because, like we believe every photo to be, they are so important and valued. 

              Location Family Photos Location Family Photos                                                                     Location Family Photos

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