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I wanted to share a few things with you all from September last year about the Australian Professional Photography Awards and some media news I was apart of once I arrived home from Melbourne. 

In September I was lucky to be able to go and stay in Melbourne for 5 days to attend the countrys biggest Professional Photography Awards that are held each year. These events are open to enter from Australia and International world famous photographers alike. So when entering these awards it is extremely nerve wracking to say the least when you will be judged up against all these AMAZING famous photographers. This was my first experience at entering at this level as I had only previously enter at State level which was hard enough competition. Well I through myself in the barrel of fun, sat on the edge of my seat waiting for my images to be turned around, listening to the judges and watching them scrutinise your images not knowing who the image belongs to is OMG so scary and adrenaline pumping I can tell you. 

We are able to enter 4 images only and as you can imagine it is extremely hard to pick only 4 images to enter as you are always saying is this the right one or is that the right one etc etc. Anyway I entered my 4 images and much to what I imagined I won an award! Woohoo! This was the most amaizng experience in my life to be part of 6% that were awarded a SILVER DISTINCTION award for my Birth Photography. I entered it into the family category not thinking about it at the time so really shouldve been entered into the Documentary category instead but hey there is a next time. So I arrived home with so much buzz and excitement that I couldnt contain it as you can imagine 🙂 

A couple of days go by and the phone rings, its a lady from the Quest Newspaper wanting to do an article on Birth Photography being that it is a reasonably new genre in the photography world. I most certainly agreed to this as did my client Crystal who allowed me to share some of her Birth Story and images in the article. It goes online for the world to see, a couple of days go by and I get a phonecall from 4BC Radio wanting to interview me about my article on Birth Photography. I agreed to this also but was very nervous having never spoken on the radio before nor promoted this new genre on air to the world either. What was I going to be asked, what am I going to say etc etc was all going through my head. I got through the interview like a breeze, easier than i imagined and it felt so good! The ironic thing about all of this is that they didnt know about my birth photography award I had just received the week earlier so it was all such amazing timing at that 🙂

People say things happen for a reason and I think I was meant to get that award to get the ball rolling. How exciting! I absolutely love what I do for my clients and I put 110% effort into my service all because I LOVE WHAT I DO soooo much!!!! 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past few years in getting my business to the level it is today. I have posted the article below along with my award winning image from APPAs last year. QLD Awards are coming up very soon so its almost that time again to start selecting the images I want to submit. It is so hard to choose let me tell you! Well I better go now and cook dinner and leave this to ponder over.

If you would like to book in for your Birth Photography please contact me on the contact tab above 🙂

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Award Winning Birth Photographer



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