Gender Prediction Fun. Brisbane Maternity Photographer

We’ve all heard a million wives tales about ‘Gender prediction’ but how many did you find true?

It’s a Boy if…

  • Your skin is better then ever
  • Your babies heartbeat is lower then 140 beats per minute
  • You carry lower in your belly
  • You’re clumsier
  • You crave savoury food over sweeter foods
  • Your age added to the month of contraception is an odd number
  •  You dont experience morning sickness
  • Your more so in a good, calm mood
  • The ring test swings in back and forwards

It’s a Girl if…

  • Your skin is not as clear as usual
  • Your babies heartbeat is higher then 140 beats per minute
  • You carry higher in your belly
  • You’re graceful
  • You crave sweet food
  • You sleep on your right side
  • Your face is rounder then normal
  • You experience morning sickness
  • You are moodier then usual
  • The ring test swings in a circle

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