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Brisbane Newborn Photography – Willow

Brisbane Newborn Photography – Willow's Newborn Session

Brisbane's Multi Award Winning Newborn Photographer capture the most precious moments for such a treasured family. This is Willow, Willow is a rainbow baby to little Eli which I was fortunate to meet last year as a Heartfelt representative. Fiona and Aaron are very passionate about keeping Eli's legacy alive through Willow and have allowed me to write about him here. This session was so special to be part of, being able to capture incredible images of their new rainbow baby Willow to display on the walls besides Eli will be something that will be absolutely treasured forever in their home. When I found out that Fiona had given birth to Willow I just had to do photos for them as I had already been there for them during one of the darkest times in their lives so it was only common sense I wanted to be part of their happiest time in their lives also. The thing that touched us all during Willow's newborn session was when I was doing a rainbow setup for her I said that Eli was watching over her and next thing a big smile apeared on her face. It sent goosebumps through us all. It was such a beautiful moment to capture that Ill never forget in my life. Thank you Aaron and Fiona for trusting me to capture so many incredible moments in your lives that will be forever in my heart. I would like to congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful baby girl Willow and look forward to future sessions with her as she grows up to a little lady.

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