Cake Smash Photography Brisbane

Brisbane Cake Smash Photography – Abigail

I have had the pleasure to capture Abgail as a newborn last xmas along with her 1st Birthday Cake Smash in November this year. How has she grown so much is unbelivable. I love repeat clients so I can follow them through their lives and milestones. Mum wanted a Rockabilly theme so she made the outfit and the bunting to set the theme of this session. How clever is she! How adorable does Abigail look? So cute! I look forward to yearly photos with this gorgeous family 🙂


Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6378 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6342 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6341 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6334 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6322Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6667Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6419Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6445 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6444Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6462Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6470 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6471 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6474Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6501 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6515 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6494Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6515 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6570 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6563 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6546 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6534Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6598 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6609 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6605 Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6612Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6636Brisbane_Cake_Smash_IMG_6656Brisbane_Cake_Smash_Cake Smash Collage final

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