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Brisbane Birth Photographer – Bronwyn’s Birth Story – Redlands Hospital

To have the honour to be in the private birthing space of a labouring mother to be is just incredible! To be the one that is there to capture every moment throughout the labour through to earthside is just so adrenaline pumping for myself to be apart of. To see a mum to be so incredibly strong and driven to birth her baby naturally is so rewarding. This mum of 4 had an extremely long labour of 39+ hours for her 4th bub Tanveer. Bronwyn was so exhausted by the time it came to push and cannot remember what actually happened surrounding that part of the journey.

She doesnt remember being passed her bub through her legs or holding him in her arms etc so this is one absolute reason why birth photography is so so important, and so treasured to the families I have been honoured to capture the birth of their baby for. This is a once in a lifetime experience for parents, to witness the miracle of life when your newborn takes their first breath into this world, WOW!!! Why wouldnt you have a professional capture that precious moment in life for you to see first hand the look on your faces when you finally meet your precious bundle.

Bronwyn absolutely loves her birth images as they are so powerful and so intense and full of emotion. To capture the special moments between parents during the labour, birth and afterwards is so amazing to see and witness first hand. Capturing that first breath, first cuddle, first look, dads first hold, first feed, first weigh in, first time getting dressed into a cute little outfit you chose especially is just so so incredible and never should be missed. 

The best part of this journey with Bronwyn and Sam is that the most incredible thing for me was that I was capturing the birth of Tanveer is the same birth suite I gave birth in 8 years ago to my beautiful daughter Isabella. 🙂 How uncanny is that?? It was the week before my daughters birthday too.

Tanveer was born on the 14th December 2013 at 8.10am after an incredible 39hours of Labour.

I have linked a video I did of the birth along with the album that was ordered that I designed to tell the story from start to finish and some of the images also. Enjoy!

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