Postnatal Body Confidence Project


Calling all mummas out there who want to take back their self confidence!

Let us ask you this? Why does everyone have the confidence to show their body when pregnant with these gorgeous maternity photos, but come postnatal, EVERYONE becomes self conscious, ashamed of their stretch marks, worried about their ‘loose skin’, hold the mindset that they ‘must go to the gym’… explain that to me? You just created, nourished and welcomed a human being into this world all thanks to your body… You’re a damn queen!!! 


Every mum out there, regardless of how old their babies are, should embrace the journey their body as experienced and absolutely LOVE their body holding onto the highest level of Self Confidence.

However, how many of you can say without a doubt that you Love your body and can jump in a bikini without hesitation? This is what we want to change, we aren’t asking you to strip off and show all, we just want you to join us in embracing your body and build that confidence and treat yourself to a gorgeous photoshoot to celebrate yourself! 

We want to create a sanctuary of strong, empowered women who LOVE their body! Who celebrate their bodies for everything it has created.  Who stand together and back each other, who are determined to gain their complete self confidence back! Who can connect with other mummies and build an empire of confidence, embrace you for you and own every part of themselves with confidence!

Now we ask, Who is ready to own their body?!

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By joining our Postnatal Body Confidence Book project you will receive

A session for you to celebrate YOU for just $100

A beautiful Fine Art matted Print

Access to our exclusive PostNatal Body Confidence Members group

The chance to inspire and encourage other women to embrace their body and connect with likeminded mummies

Hair and Makeup is available from $100 – $200 dependent on availability but if you are interested in this please contact us and we will see what we can arrange for you. 

Want to know more about our pricing and packages, click below to learn more

Embrace your body, encourage other mummies and bond with like-minded women who will inspire you to love you!

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