Dollcake Dress Campaign

Dollcake Dress Campaign

Our Dollcake dresses are fast becoming incredibly popular and our collection is extensively increasing beyond what we can keep up with. For this reason and to showcase all our dresses we are looking for some beautiful little girls to be photographed in all sizes of our dresses to go within our Dollcake Dress catalogue booklet. 

This catalogue will be used to promote and showcase our entire range of Dollcake Dresses for our clientele so we do ask that if you purchase this promotion that you understand your child’s images will be used in a promotional context. 

We have over 80 Dollcake dresses ranging from size 0 to 14 in girls, and size 16 in Adults. 

We will attach a questionnaire below for you to fill out so we can ensure we secure all sizings. 

This offer will include the session fee which will be redeemable towards your product purchase. 

Our goal is to photograph all dresses in our Client wardrobe to secure a full catalogue 

What does this mean for you?

Upon securing your session and completing your questionnaire we will arrange your booking for you and showcase all available Dollcake dresses in your required sizing. 

You will receive your Dollcake dress session in studio or on location. 

When you have completed your session you will enjoy your private viewing session where you will use your $100 credit from your session fee towards any products you may wish to purchase. 

Upon completing our collection of Dollcake Dress images we will create our catalogue which you will be able to see within in our blogs

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