Covid-19 Gift

We know how hard Covid-19 lockdowns have been on people and we wanted to share some love, give back to our clients in the best way that we know how to. So we are. 

If Covid has taught us anything, its that family is the most important thing in all of our lives. It’s taught us to appreciate the little things in life and enjoy all that you can. 

Now, for many people lockdown has meant a lot of family time at home, making the most of everything within your families home and the people under your roof. 

So what we want to offer you is simple. We want you to join us in the new year – January – and bring along those that mean the most to you – your family!

Our offer to you is a 50% off Gift Voucher for a family or children session in January. 

We do require you to tentatively book in for January but we will secure a date closer to the date. 

All you have to do is pay the session fee which is now 50% – so just $100 and the session is yours! 

Embrace your family and make your own memories, tell your own story and truly treasure all that makes your life so very valuable. 


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So to claim your half priced session for your family or children, all you need to do is select your session type below and add the code ‘COVID21″ 

From here we will be in contact with you to pencil in a January date, and you will also receive a series of emails which will guide you through our process, our pricing, product range and offer you some handy tips and tricks to coordinate your entire session. 

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