What Qualifications do you have?

I am an extensively, self taught Photographer which was in the works for many years prior to beginning my Business, Photography has always been my passion so I was always learning and building my skills throughout my life.  I have also completed many workshops and courses with the Brisbane School of Photography & Art along with completing my Diploma in Photography with The Photography Institute. 

I was also part of the HEARTFELT team as a volunteer photographer and I represent as part of the South QLD Birth Photographers on www.directory.birthphotographer.com.au also.

I am qualified and an Accredited Professional, Award Winning Photographer


When is the best time to book my Newborn Session?

You can book in your newborn session as soon as you like to be honest, even as early as 12 weeks if you are super keen! Contact us whilst you are pregnant to get your session secured so you don’t miss out, keeping in mind Newborn sessions are best held in the first 10 days of your new babies life. 

However, we do understand labour is unpredictable and anything can happen, so understand that we are flexible and your session will be pencilled in and verified upon the birth of your little one to secure a set date so don’t feel that you will lose your session if buby isn’t good for your session on your ‘booked date’ 

 Once your bub is born please include me in the group text you send to your friends so I can amend the booking to around the 6day old mark.  I can only take a limited number of sessions a week so that I can be flexible enough if the babies arrive later/earlier than you expected.


What is the best time of day for all other sessions?

If you have selected to have a Studio session timing is more flexible as we don’t have the environmental lighting and factors to work around, so in studio sessions can happen at any time throughout the day. Our Studio is open between 9am and 3pm, however if you need a session outside these times just contact us to discuss this further. 
On location sessions are best around the golden hour, within 2 hours prior to sunset to avoid harsh lighting conditions which arise throughout the mid day settings. The Golden hour will produce you a soft sun flared look which is gorgeous for outdoor photos. 

How long does it take to get my photos?

After your session we will invite you to our viewing room after your session for you to view your photos in a gorgeous slideshow for you to select your chosen images. From here you may select any wall art products, or albums you wish to purchase and we will guide you through our product range and design process. Once your final order has been developed your Product purchase will be sent to our Professional Printing Laboratory where they will create your products with a life time guarantee. Your final products will be ready within 3-6 weeks dependant on the printing time, any delays we will contact you immediately.

Do I have a say if our images are advertised on Facebook or Websites?

The photos are and will remain property of Desire to Inspire Photography, as by copyright laws, unless the copyright for those pictures are bought from me. Without the copyright being brought from me I do have final say if I choose to use them on my websites, social media or any marketing purposes I choose to. However, if you specifically ask me not to share these images I will respect your privacy & refrain from using them online or in displays.

Do you sell the USB form our session?

No. You can not purchase individual Digital images from us. We do include digital images within our Package selections and if you purchase anything over $3000, all digital images are instantly included. 

How do I pay?

I accept cash, bank deposit, bank transfer, Credit card, EFTPOS, Afterpay, and PAYRIGHT payment plans. The booking retainer (session fee) needs to be paid at the time of booking to secure your spot and is non refundable. The payment for your order is due at the ordering session unless prior arrangement for a payment plan has been made.

Where can I find out more information about the newborn session, family session etc?

Once you have made your booking you will receive a welcome pack via email or post with all the information you will need for your session. You will also receive a email series guiding you through your session and how to best prepare. 

I have another child, would you take some photos with him/her at the newborn session?

I certainly can, if the sibling will co-operate I will be happy to include them, but ultimately the main focus of the newborn session will be on the newborn bub. Please let me know if there is any sibling you are wanting photographed on the day onto the booking form on my website. I always like to encourage both parents to be involved as well to capture these one time only memories the will last a lifetime.

Can I have the rest of the images that haven’t been edited?

No. Under no circumstances will raw, unedited, or original images be released to our clients. As a professional photographer the end product we offer is that of our digital enhancement and we will not produce unfinished work. Your best images will be presented to you professionally edited and enhanced, and those in the gallery will be available for your order consideration.

Do the high-resolution images contain your watermark?

No. We will include a folder of Social media files for you to use upon your social media pages which will contain our Watermark. 

How long does the session go for?

Newborn sessions you can expect it to go for at least 3-4hrs depending on how settled bub is. All other sessions go for around 1-2hrs depending on what look we want to achieve and how many people are involved in the session.

Cameras and recording devices

I ask the parents not to bring their camera or recording device to the session. This includes taking photos on your mobile phone. I know that the setups look very cute and its natural to want to run and grab your phone or camera, but this is what you have hired me for. This is my full time job (not a hobby on the side) so I really appreciate this request be respected. 

What if I need to reschedule?

I require 24hours notice to reschedule. After that you will loose your booking/session fee.

If I refer people to you for photos and they book in do you have a referral system?

Yes I certainly do. If you refer a friend or family member and they book in, you BOTH receive a special offer! You will receive a referral card on the completion of your session for you to share.

What if I want to request my own style of editing?

No, under no circumstances will we change or alter our editing style upon a request. Our editing style is what we publish and is all part of our service. We ask you thoroughly view our portfolios and ensure you like our editing style as our final product is that, final. After all, why would you book in with a photographer if their work wasn’t what you were drawn to?

Do I have to select a package at my viewing session?

Yes, final orders are due at the viewing session. You will view our product range in person and view all our pricing guide. Once you enquire with us you will receive our full pricing catalogue to see before you book also so you will be completely prepared prior to your session. Your viewing session will beheld the same day as your photography session for your convenience. 




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